Terms & conditions

Report according to art.13, government decree n.196 June 30th 2003

Treatment purpose:

enable free access to Showbiz Inc. website;

  • consent corporations and/or designated professionals to take part in a selection activity among people who inserted their cv into section “Hostesses and Models Area”;
  • consent participation to castings held by Showbiz;
  • send out periodical newsletters, as well as material concerning job proposals and reports;

Treatment modality

Treatment is realized thanks to the help of state of the art computer systems, provided by properly designated subjects.
The data provided on Showbiz Inc. website will be filed on electronic data-bases thanks to computerized modalities.
In compliance with art. 4 government decree n.196 June 30th 2003, “data treatment” means: “any operation or operation complex, even realized without the help of electronic systems, concerning the gathering, registration, organization, maintenance, consultation, elaboration, modification, selection, extraction, comparison, usage, interconnection, blockage, communication, diffusion, deletion and data destruction, even if not recorded on a database”.
Field of communication and diffusion The provided data and object of the treatment might be transmitted to:

Concresco Ltd for the following purposes: maintenance, elaboration and data verification, as well as the combination of two or more of the operations above.
The data you provided us might be made accessible to Showbiz Inc. employees and/or partners in case they need them to fulfill a given task.

The data you provided will be disclosed to the person in charge of the treatment.

Any further communication or diffusion of the data you provided will take place only through your explicit consent. Nature of underwriting Data are divided into two categories, obligatory and optional, as marked in the registration form. Therefore the underwriting of some data is obligatory, since it concerns necessary data for the supplying of services and security too.
A possible unsuccessful communication or wrong communication may lead to the following consequences:

inability on our behalf to guarantee a congruent treatment according to the conditions stated in this report;
possible unsuccessful correspondence between treatment results and obligations required by this very regulation.
The underwriting of personal data is optional. In case you do not want to provide these data, we will not be able to follow up your request to sign up to our website.

Holder in charge of treatment

The holder in charge of treatment is Showbiz Movies SRL – via Ugo Lenzi, 12 Bologna.
You can contact info@showbizinc.it for any information concerning the treatment.

Rights of the parties concerned

You can turn to the holder in charge of treatment to stand up for your rights as predetermined in art. 7 government n.196 June 30th 2003, which we hereby reproduce for you thoroughly:

Art. 7 Right to personal data access and other rights:

The party concerned has the right to know whether there are personal data concerning her/him or not, even if not recorded yet, and their communication in an understandable way;
The party concerned has the right to obtain an indication:
of the source of personal data;
of the purpose and modality of treatment;
of the logic applied when using electronic instruments;
of the identifying details of treatment holder, person in charge and designated representative in compliance with art. 5, paragraph 2;
of the subjects or categories of subjects to which personal data may be communicated to or may be made aware of being designated representatives in the State territory;
The party concerned has the right to obtain:
data updating, amendment or, if interested in it, integration;
data deletion, transformation into anonymous form or blockage in violation of the law , including those who do not need maintenance in proportion to the purposes for which they have been gathered or consequently treated.
a declaration in which it is stated that points a) and b) have been made known, as far as their contents is concerned too, to those to which the data have been communicated or diffused to, save for the case in which this accomplishment turns out to be impossible or evidently too out of scale in proportion to the protected right.
The party concerned has the right to oppose her/himself , wholly or partially:
for reasons concerning the treatment of personal data, even if concerning the gathering purposes;
to the treatment of personal data concerning advertising material, direct marketing, marketing analysis or trading communication.

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